Editorial Staff

Current Leadership

Celeste Cubbage, Co-Editor-in-Chief

Simon Thill, Co-Editor-in-Chief

Faculty Advisors

Karen Masters, PhD

Faculty Advisor, Physics and Astronomy

Karen Masters is an Associate Professor of Astronomy and Physics, and enjoys writing about astronomy for a popular audience. She has been a co-author on two books in the 30-second series (30-second Universe, and 30-second Space Travel). You can read more about her research here.

Past Editors-in-Chief

Simon Thill (Haverford ’25): Spring 2023 (3)

Celeste Cubbage (Haverford ’24): Spring 2023 (3)

Anagha Aneesh, Jolt Magazine Co-Founder (Haverford ’24), Web Editor Spring 2023

Emi Krishnamurthy, Jolt Magazine Co-Founder (Haverford ’24): Spring 2022 (1), Fall 2022 (2)