Get Involved

How to Join Jolt

All current Bi-Co students are welcome to attend our meetings, where students sign up for articles and discuss ideas — we are always looking for writers, editors, designers, and readers.

If you are a Bi-Co student interested in joining:

Our meetings typically occur on a weekly basis. Sign up for the “hc-jolt” email list and email our editors for access to internal communications about meetings and articles.

For web articles, article sign-up is on a self-determined basis. Any student can write at any point in the semester. For our semesterly printed issue, article sign-up typically takes place in the first few weeks of the semester, so we recommend attending our early meetings if you are interested in seeing your name in print!

If you are a Bi-Co student interested in an copy editing position:

We are always accepting applications for web editing positions. Student editors review web articles in a variety of science-related subject areas. They gain exposure to the online publication process and have many opportunities to learn about topics outside of their intended fields of study. Jolt hires general editors and subject editors.

  • Subject Editors are knowledgeable about a given scientific field and can thus verify an article’s sources and provide subject-specific guidance, including combing through scientific papers and articles to verify that writers correctly represent cited sources. Please use the form to indicate which subjects you are comfortable editing.
  • General Editors are adept writers and provide feedback on language and composition. They are not familiar with the article’s subject matter and can thus identify jargon and inaccessible language. Experience with STEM-related fields is not required.

Apply to be an editor through this form. If you are interested in either or both editing positions, please attach a short writing sample to your application (maximum 500 words).


All Bi-Co (Haverford and Bryn Mawr) students and faculty can contribute to the magazine by submitting (or proposing ideas for) articles or reoccurring columns. Pieces that have been written for coursework may also be submitted for publication. All submissions must follow Jolt’s writing guidelines and can be emailed to the editors.

Share your research

Current Bi-Co students and faculty can share their research/project with Jolt through an interview or other correspondence with a staff member.